My garden sculptures are made from galvanised wire netting known as aviary wire. It is durable in all weathers and naturally remains a matt grey colour. This looks very good in a garden setting against the green of the grass and foliage. It can also be coloured with enamel spray paint and you can see some examples of painted swans and dogs on the gallery page.

The strength of the sculpture is gained with a process of layering the wire in strips, which run in different directions, over a basic shape and then tying in each layer to the one beneath it. The finished item will have four or five layers which makes it both strong and light, which in turn makes it easy to re-position around the garden.

Due to the nature of the layering process I use, the sculptures can, at different times, appear to be transparent and ghostlike or dense and solid depending on the quality of the light.

I always try to make each piece in a position which is focused upon something, as if caught in mid-action and unaware of the viewer. Also, as I make each piece freehand, no two pieces are the same.

Inspiration for my work comes from pictures of domestic animals, farm and wild animals of Britain and the occasional "quirky" beast that amuses me. The gallery page contains some photos of my work.

My work can be viewed, after telephone arrangement, at Winchester in Hampshire where Tony and I are always happy to show you around our garden gallery.

Commissions are undertaken with no obligation to purchase unless you are completely satisfied with the finished piece of artwork. If you wish to have a go at making an animal yourself, then workshop times can also be arranged. If you have any questions then please do get in touch.

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